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9am-5:30pm Mon-Fri

Preferred Art Work

Recommended File Types:

Adobe Illustrator® (AI), EPS, PSD, PDF and JPEG.

Resolution of Files:
We require a minimum resolution of 100-150 dpi at 100% file size or 200-300 dpi at 50% file size on all raster based designed and submitted files such as PSD, JPEG & etc.

For vector based files, resolution is irrelevant and files can be reduced or enlarged to almost any size without loosing quality.

Acceptable Media or File Transfer:

• EMAIL (Files under 10 mb.)
(File Upload)

We strongly recommend that your files, regardless of size, be compressed with programs such as WinZip or StuffIt prior to Email or Upload.

File Preparation and Helpful Notes:
• Convert all fonts to Outlines/Curves where possible, if not please include all fonts used in File.
• Save your design in CMYK MODE, we can also work with RGB files however in some cases there may be color shift.
• You can also Design your files at 50% (200-300 dpi) or 25% (400-600 dpi) of final output size. (Please Indicate final output enlargement size percentage when submitting file).
• For the best results on printing Solid Blacks (Excluding text smaller than 30 pt.) use C=30% M=20% Y=20% K=100%.
• JPEG files must be saved with maximum quality setting checked.
• Banners must have at least 2.5” Bleed (Safety Area for hem and grommet) at final print size.
• Live area of the banner should remain within the 2.5” bleed area.
• Pole Pockets, If required, allow 4” Bleed area (Safety area) on the sides where pocket poles are required.
Important note: Please do not place important objects, text and key elements too close to the edge of your banner artwork files as they will be trimmed off, hemmed or grommeted during finishing of your banner. For the best results keep your key elements of your design 2” to 3” inside the edges.